Tourism Video – Limerick – Egfdell

We are part time students thanks to L.IT and T.I. Here is a video that we made for Web Promotion For Business egfdell. Its is aimed at a tourist, showing some of the many attractions that Limerick has to offer. Let us know what you think of it?


About Brian Bing

I'm a Clare man up the Banner! An ex Dell employee, Currently Studying Web Promotion for Business in Limerick. Which teaches some Media Writing, Using Social Media e.g Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare. Using a Dell Laptop and Sony Ericson X8 for Course work. I Like all sorts of Music; these days mainly rock some pop, like Basketball too although it is still a minority sport here...
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2 Responses to Tourism Video – Limerick – Egfdell

  1. John says:

    Excellent – a very different type of guided tour. (some of the stills are too quick though). I think I even learned some sign language.

  2. dineen35 says:

    Well done Brian, Anna, Mairead and Andrew. An excellent video for the deaf community visiting Limerick City.Well done again guys

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