Flickr Analytics in Class Task

The most view item on Flickr for Irish eyes today the 19th of March is Sam the ugliest dog. It has 40 views today before 12noon, 94 for yesterday and it had 184 views on the 16th of March. The total all time views is 121,295.
The most commented item was the same Sam the ugliest dog with 26 all-time comments. The next most viewed item is Mad Max the Ultimate Coal Miner with 18 comments.

The favourite item is Rock of Cashel with 47 people having this as their favourite item followed by Tampon Chandelier with 36 favourites.
The main referrers so far today are from with 28% then at 11%. Yesterday was the same with 28% and 17% respectively.

The keywords people used to find the site from were

Keywords Views
1 ugliest dog 18
2 twitter background 8
3 pink range rover 7
4 irish dogs 7
5 photos of the ugliest dog 3
6 irish 3


About Brian Bing

I'm a Clare man up the Banner! An ex Dell employee, Currently Studying Web Promotion for Business in Limerick. Which teaches some Media Writing, Using Social Media e.g Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare. Using a Dell Laptop and Sony Ericson X8 for Course work. I Like all sorts of Music; these days mainly rock some pop, like Basketball too although it is still a minority sport here...
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