Why is Facebook So Popular#egfdell

Facebook is relatively new to me; I wondered what all the talk about Facebook was before.  I didn’t really see any need for it, why was it so popular? It seems like it just took off overnight and it was no longer sufficient to just send a text or email. Now I must book face too! It is very useful for chatting with friends, keeping in touch with people I might not have seen in a long time or for connecting with people in different parts of the world. The best thing for me about Facebook is for funny videos and keeping up with friends. I now frequently visit Facebook probably once a day or at least a couple of times a week.  As part of the Web Analytics part of this course in Web promotion for business, in the Absolute Hotel and spa, ran by Tipperary Institute and funded through the E.G.F.  Our task is to go in to the statistics and to see how you can track the data through statistics. Looking at Facebook the site I probably use the most, the bounce rate is not really relevant, because I would be viewing everything on the same page. The conversions, well I generally wouldn’t be buying anything here either although it is possible to link with someone that may be selling something of interest… I could spend anything from 5 minutes to up to an hour looking at videos and pictures on Facebook. I would use a direct link from my bookmarks to the site.  The most visited sites would vary depending on what friends are saying and uploading.


About Brian Bing

I'm a Clare man up the Banner! An ex Dell employee, Currently Studying Web Promotion for Business in Limerick. Which teaches some Media Writing, Using Social Media e.g Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare. Using a Dell Laptop and Sony Ericson X8 for Course work. I Like all sorts of Music; these days mainly rock some pop, like Basketball too although it is still a minority sport here...
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